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Everyday I was getting complaints about my son from school from his friends neighbours and what not. I tried everything scolded him punished. Nothing helped. His class teacher asked me to meet psychologist. I asked if she knows some she refered me to Dr S K Sharma. I tookmy son to his clinic. We discussed everything. He listened very carefully. He also discussed our family environment. I realized how I was transmitting my stress to my son. I discussed my own problems also. We decided few changes at home. I started working on them. I am so happy to say that they worked, it helped not only my son but also me. My inner state became so peaceful. My husband is so amazed. I fully agree with Dr S K Sharma that when a child is disturbed, parents need counseling.

Submitted By: Niharika

Right from childhood my thinking was different. I was inclined towards religious books religious thinking but slowly I found myself so different from others that I started to stay alone. I became misfit would spend whole day thinking. Even my family members started ignoring me. I searched for psychologist who could discuss spiritual topics and check what was wrong. I searched for spiritual psychologist in delhi and found details of Dr S K Sharma. I fixed my appointment and went to see him. I poured my entire life. In few sessions he explained everything to me. I got new light like enlightenment. Today I am spiritual but it is very practical and I live my life with full satisfaction both my spiritual life and worldly life. I have now realized what is real spirituality.

Submitted By: Rama Shankar

Doctor Sharma I want to thank you for all your kind help. Your tips and guidance has helped me tremendously. My relation with my wife has improved. And so are my relations at office. Now no one tease me infact others are asking me what have I done how I have changed so much. It is all because of you sir. You are sent by God.

Submitted By: Simant Bose

I had created mess for myself. I was engaged and marriage was about six months away. Then all of a sudden another guy got close to me. It wasnt serious to begin with but dont know how it got. Within days both knew n hell. Fights fights fights day night my life was in hell. I could not decide thought of killing myself. Then my fiance brought me to Dr S K Sharma. We told him everything. I was surprised how nicely everything was settled. He helped me to understand my own emotions. It was like clear sunshine. I am married now and very very happy.

Submitted By: Bhawana

I would like to tell everyone. If you have any psychological or personal issue, do not wait. It can really harm you and your life. Take immediate help from psychologist. You will get better and infact learn a lot about positive living.

Submitted By: Smita

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