A family consulted about one of child age 19 years. Child had aggressive violent behavior, abusive language, aversion to studies & lack of self care. After assessment it was discovered that the child had many bad experiences during childhood and he blamed parents for that. During sessions he explored deep inner feelings and learned ways to manage emotions in constructive way. In few days the family relationships and atmosphere turned positive.
A 29 year old female consulted for excessive stress in life. Last three years of her life had many changes after her marriage. She had a child to take care and long job hours. She had difficult relationship with her boss at office and she felt that even after trying much harder than others she is never appreciated and her effort is never recognized. Her boss would often scold her and she felt it was intentional. She was also reported to have behavior problems and had received notice for that. She called herself complete failure. She joined cognitive behavior therapy. In few sessions she had better understanding of her difficulties and started working on them. She started getting positive response both in office and home. She felt better and had more positive self image. Slowly she got control over her life.
A 45 year old male consulted for complaint of depression. He had a long history of business and professional setbacks. He was deep in loans and felt totally destroyed. His family life also got stressful due to this. He took counseling sessions. Later his wife also joined in. He started feeling emotionally stable and calm. After complete analysis stepwise planning was done to recover from financial turmoil. He could manage his financial situation better and in few months he became loan free. He reported complete recovery from depression.
A 21 year old female consulted for excessive eating disorder. She was obese, had problems with periods and some other medical problems. Her condition was causing depression in her along with poor relationships. She discussed her complaints and asked for solutions. As she continued psychological treatment she developed better self analysis, discovered her deep seated insecurities and her destructive behavior that was adding to problem. She was given different options of self care. She opted for one and started to work on it. All the obstacles were discussed and dealt. In about 4 months she gained control over her eating disorder and recovered from her psychological disturbance.
A 27 year old male visited with complaints of negative thoughts. Even after trying hard he was unable to think positively about anything. This created a feeling of hopelessness in him and he was unable to enjoy life. He asked for support. He re-engineered his thinking pattern under supervision and in 5 sessions he gained ability to think positively. He used this to achieve quick success and better relationships.

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